Absolute beginner in elasticsearch

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I am an absolute beginner in elasticsearch and after some hours of reading and watching tutorial-videos I got the impression, that it needs a lot of knowledge and preparation, before I can make a fast search in certain data.
I understand that I need indices for the data in which I want to make fast searches.
I seems to me that it is a hard work to build these indices.

The data in which I can search with elasticsearch must be reachable over http(s). Is that correct?
The data in which I can search with elasticsearch must be located in a area where the data is which can be published/sent by the http-webserver. Is that correct?

Or is there a way to search in huge data amounts which are located in certain directories on my harddisk?

Can i search in arbitrary structured data (pdf files , xls-files, txt-files , doc-files, html-files, xml-files) or do i need the data in a certain structure like .csv-files

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You can use FSCrawler. There's a tutorial to help you getting started.

Yes, Elasticsearch exposes things via APIs.

Elasticsearch has a built in webserver.


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What have i to do, when I want to search in a directory of my harddisk. How do I prepare the data (which are thousends of different files) of a certain directory?


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