Workplace data

I would love to understand where is Workplace crawled data stored.

I'm assuming that's stored inside my Elasticsearch indexes, but where?

I'm asking because I'm interested in knowing:

  1. Where is my data going?
  2. If that's inside Elasticsearch, how can I query the indexed data with elasticsearch directly (i.e. the "classic" query DSL)
  3. Are the Workplace Search APIs the only way of searching into my documents?

Thank you!


In Elasticsearch indeed.

You should not do that. But if you look at the indices starting with .ent-search-engine-documents-source- you will see your documents. But this should be considered as an internal index and it might change at anytime.

GET /.ent-search-engine-documents-source-*/_search

Yes. That's what you should use.
I'm myself using the .ent-search* indices only for debugging.


Thank you! :sparkles: