Workplace search vs Elasticsearch

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I was going through the documentation, as per my understanding workplace search is elasticsearch under the hood, so just couple of queries

  1. can we use workplace search connectors to crawl data to elasticsearch for e.g. sharepoint online
  2. can we create a logstash pipeline to ingest data in to workplacesearch
  3. for share point connector how can we transform the data while ingesting into elasticsearch or workplace search.

Thank you for your help and support

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Workplace Search is a solution, a set of packaged apps (including core Elasticsearch) that take away the difficulty in building things yourself.

So going on your points;

  1. No, these are built into Workplace Search directly, they are not available separately
  2. Yes, using this
  3. What sort of things are you looking to do?

Also, I have moved this to the Workplace Search category, as you will get a better response from the engineers that help build it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much warkolm,
may be synonyms, tagging, numeric field processing , etc.
one more query

  1. is there a size limit on file processing for workplace search

You can do all the custom transformations you'd like over your data if you use a Custom API Source as @warkolm suggested above. But with the out-of-the-box sharepoint connector, no, you can not hook in custom field processing or tagging.

There is currently a 20MB limit on files that are eligible for text extraction. If any files exceed that size, their metadata will be indexed, but not their textual content.

Thank you very much Sean_Story,
only one query , is there any sharepoint online connector or plugin available or recommended for elasticsearch

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We do indeed have a SharePoint Online connector available. I have linked the documentation. :+1:

Thank you very much MadsOhm for your reply,
but this is for workplace search right, i am looking for plain elasticsearch cluster.
not sure if we can use the same for elaticseach

Oh, sorry. Yes, this is for Workplace Search. I don't believe we support any connectors for use directly into Elasticsearch for SharePoint Online. For that you'll have you create your own.

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