How to index Sharepoint files?


I am building an app that can search files across server, S3, Share point and Dropbox.
I was able to search across files in servers, thanks to FsCrawler!!
Exploring on how to index files from Share point right now. Can anybody please point me to a guide or the steps to index share point files.
Do I need a third party connector for this?


Hey Lisa

Have you considered looking at Elastic Workplace Search? It is yet supporting many sources and seems like the tool you are trying to build.

Cherry on the cake, I'd really like to support it anytime soon in FSCrawler.

Thank you so much David, this is exactly what I have in my mind!
I read the documentation, it says that the allowed fields are only text, number, date and Geolocation.
One of the purpose of my app is to find names and email address in different files and locations. I can search for names using this, but not sure about email address.
While I was using FsCrawler, I used grok patterns/regex patterns to find the searched item(ex: email address). Do you have any idea how to search for text with special characters in Elastic Workplace search?


Ha! That's not the typical use case for workplace search I guess.

Let ask @JonasLavoie to see if this is supported or will be supported.

I believe a more important question to ask before going down the Workplace Search route would be: who will be the end-user of the search experience? Teams and employees in an organization, or a more "navigational" type of search use case?

Hi Jonas,
Its only for teams and employees in an organization.

Hi Lisa,

In this case, email addresses will be indexed just fine and will be searchable in the Workplace Search experience. Workplace Search currently supports SharePoint Online out of the box (with a first-party connector), but the product can still be used should you require to build your own connector via the Custom API Sources.

As a side note, Workplace Search is a beta product currently, and many improvements and updates are in the works, with our eyes set on General Availability some time this year.

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