Elastic Enterprise Search Sources

This may be out of scope but would be amazing to figure out. I've seen some odd ball integrations on GitHub that get started then abandoned so they are not contenders.

Just like many places in a hybrid setup with some on prim some hosted services we have a rather large blind spot that currently I can't seem to find a simple way to fix. Hosted side we have OneDrive and Sharepoint being pulled into Enterprise search which is nice but has been limited in success. We still have on prim servers and will for the better part of the next decade. We are not in an industry that can be hosted yes they do exist. With that comes years of PDF's word doc excel power points you name it the common file formats. Is it possible to have Enterprise search index a local file server with millions of files?

Hey @PublicName,

There is no out-of-the-box Workplace Search connector for local filesystems, but folks generally have success with: Workplace Search settings — FSCrawler 2.7 documentation.

I hope that helps!


Was afraid you were going to say that. I've been tinkering with FSCrawler as it's not something quick to setup it's been a slow project.

:grin: Slow?

500k+ folders over a few dozen drives. Totaling around 10+mi files of which maybe only 10k are active any more. Having to hunt down PII. So yes slow but that's the nature of 20+ years of a file server that was never looked after. So picking adding each folder letting it crawl checking the output then moving on it's a project in of it's self. It's not setup with a parent folder.

To be clear this is more from ES/Enterprise search standpoint as it's a manual process to validate the files. I haven't got FSCrawler running yet due to the Java dependency conflicting with some legacy products that just wont die.

It was the best xmass gift a person could ask for... /s Have a new file server.

@PublicName Hey there, we on the connectors team are looking to add flexibility to pull more data into Workplace Search and speed up the time to do customizations. Seeing your comment about this being a slow project caught my eye and I'd like to get some feedback from you on some projects we're cooking up. Would you be interested in a call with me (product manager) to see if what we're working on would help accelerate future projects that you may be working on here?

Yes. Yes I would. I'll PM you my contact info.