Searching for patterns?

After a little tinkering with Enterprise search I can see using it far more then I expected. While it needs a considerable about of user interface work still it's come a long way in a short time. Just to not leave that comment hanging it would be nice able to select source before search not after and after search field is empty it shouldn't keep using the last search. Just as pet peeve mostly but I know those questions will come up from a user standpoint within a few hours.

After about a day with FSCrawler I'm rather enjoying it. It's a little buggy yes some of the newer office files wont read and it's a known issue so in due time and creating it to run as a service has been well maybe I screwed that that up...

I've come into the search aspect which I can't seem to figure out a couple things.
How do you search for a pattern in Workspace search. For example the well known patter 555-55-5555 or xxx-xx-xxxx?