Architecture styles, patterns, documentation

Can someone help me, where to find more information and diagrams about elasticsearch architectural styles and patterns ?

This is an extremely broad question. Are you talking about source code, or when running Elasticsearch in production or how to properly design data?

Even though the definitive guide is already pretty old, it teaches all the fundamentals of search, distributed systems really well and is always worth a read.

From a source code perspective there is not too much additional documentation except the source. So if there are special questions, just put them into this forum.

I am looking for architecture styles and pattern of elasticsearch source code. Is there any documentation connected with this topic or not ? Or some book ?

There is no know book to my knowledge. As mentioned in my last reply, asking questions here in the forum might make most sense.

In production, ElasticSearch is usualy running on some server. And I, as a client, am getting data. So one of the architectural styles of elastic is client - server ? Am I correct ?

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