How to find some elasticsearch architecture image

I can't find any architecture images about query, write, election and so on in the offical website.
I'm a little confused

Some articles like this say this image come from the offical website, but i can't find it in the Elasticsearch website

What do you need exactly? Can you share the link of elastic website where you find above image?

Wanted to echo this comment.

You can look at the Definitive Guide for some insight on how an Elasticsearch cluster works

This is the Original Documentation for Elasticsearch... The Definitive Guide .. it is OLD... This guide is very old but most the basic concepts still hold true.

The Diagram you noted comes from this Creating, Indexing, and Deleting a Document | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic

And here is how a distributed search works

The syntax changed so beware... also some of the subtleties have changed but the basics are pretty much the same

You can read this ... I did .. it can help with the concepts..,. but like @warkolm said ... what are you really looking for?

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