New to Elasticsearch and unsure where to start

Hi. Hopefully I'm in the right section (if not please lmk).

I've just started with a new company that has employed Elasticsearch and they're finding that their intranet members are struggling with the seach function (in terms of not being able to find what they are searching for).

I've been searching (pun intended) the web for some reference material to help me understand Elasticsearch better but I've not found anything in this area (it seems to be more the technical side of Elasticsearch).

Is there anywhere you can point me to? Any guides? Refences? Or is it just a matter of me looking through Kibana (I think!) and stumbling around?

Many thanks



In case it helps, we started 2 weeks ago a series of short videos about search. See


Hi David. that was interesting and I'll definately make time to watch them all (including up coming ones). but it's still more technical than I need at this stage (though I might need to dive into the code as time goes on).

Much appreciated!

Just to further clarify, we're using Elastic App Search!

Ha! So I moved your question to Elastic Enterprise Search and added the tag enterprise-app-search :wink:

thank you David!

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