How can I ingest SharePoint content into AppSearch?

Hi, we have been using AppSearch for several years now as our internal enterprise search engine.

We now wish to index SharePoint and HP Trim. Since our rollout, Workplace Search has been released. Is there any way for us to use Workplace plugins to ingest SharePoint into our AppSearch index? If now, what are our options going forward? Is it possible to install Workplace and have the single AppSearch front end query both AppSearch and Workplace indexes?

Thanks for your help.

Hi kurokaze204

At this time you cannot use App Search to query Workplace search content.

Hi kurokaze, unfortunately Workplace Search needs its own seperate indexes.

We offer a Elasticsearch Workplace Search connector for HP TRIM/Records Manager/Content Manager, get in touch if you're interested in purchasing or onselling :slight_smile:

So is anybody using both AppSearch and Workplace?

Do they work together in any way?

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