Just Pushed: Explicit data location (breaking)

(Shay Banon) #1


Based on the previous email, I pushed this:
https://github.com/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/issues/issue/473. Here is the

Initially, the idea was that work consisted of transient data, but, with the
local gateway and the fact that indices gets reused with shared gateway, the
data location (where indices are stored) is quite important.

Now, the following are the paths:

path.data: path to where data will be placed. Defaults to ES_HOME\data.
path.logs: path to logs location. Defaults to ES_HOME\logs. path.work: path
to temporary data created. Defaults to ES_HOME\work.

In order to upgrade to new version, the simplest thing to do is rename work
to data. Ifpath.work is set to point to the data location storage, change
it to path.data.

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