Changing index data location from work ro data


The current location of the node(s) data resides under work/nodes/... .
work also includes the location of the logs. The reason for this decision
was because this data could have been transient with the shared gateway, and
always recoverable. Though, even with shared gateway, this data will be
reused usually there won't be a need for full recovery from gateway.

Because of that, the "work" location is inadequate. I want to create a

new location for data (indices). It will be named data and created in the
same level as the work dir. There will be an option to change it using

In all other respects, it will be as if work was used. Meaning that

multi nodes will be supported in the same format as in work, as well as
different cluster names.

What do you think? It will *require*, when upgrading to 0.13, to rename

work to data (if no explicit path is set), or reset the path if changed to
use (instead of