Access denied for IndicesStatsRequest

I'm trying to setup Elastic monitoring in Zabbix using this project

I think I have it mostly working, but I'm getting a permission error, my user is being denied for IndicesStatsRequest. I want the user to have the minimal necessary access. I connected the user to the monitorint_user role.

What permission is needed?


Hi @rugenl,

I am not sure if you had a chance to look at Monitoring Elastic stack

monitoring_user has indices privileges only on .monitoring-* indices to read.
The .monitoring-* indices are local indices where the monitoring metrics are stored.
You can also have a remote monitoring cluster and is recommended for production environments.

In your case, I think you will need to create the role required for that third party extension to work.
The role will need to have indices privilege monitor which allows you access to indices:monitor/stats actions. You may want to go through the security-privileges to construct the role that you want to use with the extension.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,
Yogesh Gaikwad

I'm not sure what all we tried and in what order, but what seemed to fix it was an index rule for "*" with monitoring access.

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