Access for specific user to specific APM service


I am using kibana-7.2.0 and I am wondering is there a way to grant access for specific Kibana user to view only one or several APM service?

I managed to configure through the custom space so that in the user view only the APM tab displayed. But I would also like to grant access only for specific APM Service to that user, because of the security reasons, he should not see the remaining services.

Is there such a possibility of setting through the Role-based access control?
Or is there such an option in a gold or platinum subscription?

Thank you!

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Document level security would allow you to limit the data that the user can see, so you could limit it like that to the specific APM service.
The second example here could be used as a good template for you:

Thank you Marius!

As I can see, this option available only in the platinum subscription?

Yes, that is the subscription level required.

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