APM Permission UI for space user


I would like to know how I do through users / roles that only list the APM service that my developer works instead of showing all the APM services that are being monitored.

example: attached an image that would like to display only the underlined items and the others not be displayed through Kibana's user / roles.

I tried what is in the post but I was not successful.

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You can either create a few spaces in Kibana to logically separate things. Otherwise you'd need field and document level security to really lock down access.


I've already created the space per user using the problem role and I don't know how to do it via document security. As in the link you leave in the first post, it still displays all the services.

Role mappings | Kibana Guide [8.1] | Elastic goes into that functionality, but it's not free unfortunately.

no problems using the cloud version 15 trial account. Follow the settings of how is my APM.

APM Service Name



and even with mapping I didn't have the expected result