Access from the Local Network

I have a one node Elasticsearch server that is sitting on I would like a number of devices, on different local subnets to be able to hit this server on port 9200. I have my Elasticsearch.yml configured so the is and the http.port is 9200.

If I try to reach this on 9200 from another local subnet I cannot. Am I doing something wrong in the config?

This seems to be network related. If you can access it from the same subnet and you have no special configurations in Elasticsearch.yml, then it is exposed as normal.

What OS is the machine that cannot access the endpoint ? Have you tried nmap / telnet or traceroute to see that route the connection is taking ?

I can ping it and traceroute to it. When I try to port scan it does not come back successful. Thats what has me thinking its the config on Elasticsearch that I do not have correct. I am not using UFW on the Elasticsearch node, if that helps. Its turned off.

One other thing...when I try to use my browser and connect to it tells me it refuses to connect. Not sure if that is helpful.

Can you post your Elasticsearch.yml? Also what responses do you get when you try those commands on the local box ?

curl -X GET "http://ipaddress:9200/_cluster/health"

Unless this cluster (node) is on an internet exposed network, then just set to make access a little simpler.

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