Accessing images into elasticsearch

I have screenshots of different sites stored on my local machine. I want to store it in Elasticsearch. So I can view each screenshot against the relevant domain in kibana. But I don't have any clue how to do this.

Hi @Salman_Ali Welcome to the community.

You can store images in Elasticsearch but the typical use case is to have Elasticsearch to store the metadata about the image with a URL / Link to the data (say in S3 or on your hard drive ) and build the search around Elasticsearch and display around your custom app or I think with Discover you can make the link active... so you could click on it.

Kibana is not really built to display images stored in Elasticsearch there were some old Kibana Plugins at one point but I think they are all our of date.

Here was a recent discussion...

Perhaps someone else will have a suggestion...

Thank you for the quick response @stephenb !
Yeah, that is the problem I can't store images directly in Elasticsearch however I can store their metadata in Elasticsearch. For now, I've images on my hard drive.
Once I am able to store the metadata of the images in Elasticsearch then I can view it on kibana, right?

No I don't think the images will display inside Kibana .. I think you'll only be able to link out and open in another tab perhaps.

I think we can view the image in kibana one of my friends has done this. displaying the screenshot against each website name. But unfortunately, I lost contact.
well, thank you @stephenb .

Like I said I think there were some plugins and there's a post somewhere that says you can display them in Discover view but I tried I couldn't get it to Work so perhaps someone else will be able to provide some guidance.

Yes, @stephenb I've also seen some posts there but couldn't get any help.Hopefully, I will get something.

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