Accessing Kibana Dashboards from a Centralized Location (PHP Webpage)

(Shakir Hussain) #1

I am developing a webpage in php to access all the available dashboards of kibana from a centralised location. From a web page clicking button to access the dashboard giving me an error

{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found"}

When I access the URL from web browser it is working for me. Problem only when access from a web page link.
Your help is highly appreciated in this regard.

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Is there a basepath you're not accounting for in the link?

(Shakir Hussain) #3

In my setup there is no basepath configured in kibana.yml

(Tyler Smalley) #4

I must be missing something - so if you create a link that takes you to the dashboard, clicking on it results in a 404 - but if you take that exact same link and past it into the address bar it works as expected?

(Shakir Hussain) #5

Yes Tyler you understood correctly.

(Tyler Smalley) #6

The only thing I can think of is there must be some subtle difference in the two URL's


How do you generate the link in PHP?

(Shakir Hussain) #8

Thanks for helping, I realised that Kibana Dashboard URLs were not working when they were part of POST method. On changing it to hyperlinks it worked for me.

(Shakir Hussain) #9

The links in PHP were Kibana Share of "Embedded iframe short URLs".

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