Accessing Kibana Dashboards from a Centralized Location (PHP Webpage)

I am developing a webpage in php to access all the available dashboards of kibana from a centralised location. From a web page clicking button to access the dashboard giving me an error

{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found"}

When I access the URL from web browser it is working for me. Problem only when access from a web page link.
Your help is highly appreciated in this regard.

Is there a basepath you're not accounting for in the link?

In my setup there is no basepath configured in kibana.yml

I must be missing something - so if you create a link that takes you to the dashboard, clicking on it results in a 404 - but if you take that exact same link and past it into the address bar it works as expected?

Yes Tyler you understood correctly.

The only thing I can think of is there must be some subtle difference in the two URL's

How do you generate the link in PHP?

Thanks for helping, I realised that Kibana Dashboard URLs were not working when they were part of POST method. On changing it to hyperlinks it worked for me.

The links in PHP were Kibana Share of "Embedded iframe short URLs".

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