Integration Dashboard Links

I am using version 8.8.2.

No matter if I set server.basePath or server.publicBaseUrl, the links inside of the dashboards for the integrations still reference a static path like $host/app/dashboards/blah, even if I remove and reinstall them after supplying the configuration. Am I missing something?

server basePath defines the path under which kibana will serve the files ... for example if you set it to 'hello' kibana will be available on http://yourip/hello ... the links inside apps will just use whatever url user is using at the moment

Yes, basePath has been working fine for other things. The URL is proxied and ends up being https://$host/kibana/app. For the integration dashboards, all of the links when clicked go to https://$host/app/dashboards instead of https://$host/kibana/app/dashboards.

Does anyone else have any thoughts?

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