"Action.search.shard_count.limit exceeded" error in kibana

I am getting "Action.search.shard_count.limit exceeded" whenever i am trying to load dashboard in kibana 5.1.1 . Kindly suggest the reason and solution for this. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

This is mentioned in the changes doc for 5.0:

Search shard limitedit
In 5.0, Elasticsearch rejects requests that would query more than 1000 shard copies (primaries or replicas). The reason is that such large numbers of shards make the job of the coordinating node very CPU and memory intensive. It is usually a better idea to organize data in such a way that there are fewer larger shards. In case you would like to bypass this limit, which is discouraged, you can update the action.search.shard_count.limit cluster setting to a greater value.


@tsullivan Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

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