Activate/Deactivate Watchers through Jenikins

I have a number of watchers configured in Elastic which I would like to activate/deactivate in one go. I'm planning to create a Jenkins job and use the below APIs.

PUT _xpack/watcher/watch/watcherid/_deactivate
PUT _xpack/watcher/watch/watcherid/_activate

However, how do I go about the authentication part? Based on the article here, any token will be valid only for a limited time -

I'm probably missing something here. Could you help please?

Using the token API you still need your password to generate an initial token. and then refresh that one.

If you do not want to store a password you could use the PKI realm. See

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Thanks. Are there any examples around of invoking elastic Rest API calls externally (like through Jenkins?)

Hi @spinscale,
Going through a few posts on the forums, I'm assuming I should be able to provide the username/password as part of the cURL command similar to below. Can you confirm on this please? Last question then, my Jenkins resides on a different server than where the ELK components are hosted. So the localhost & port part is not going to be valid. Should the hostname be the same that I use to view the Kibana dashboard?

curl --user rdeniro:taxidriver -XPUT 'localhost:9200/idx'

Thanks in advance.

not the kibana dashboard, but the elasticsearch instance.

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