Active-Active Cross Cluster Replication


We have 2 Elasticsearch clusters that has been deployed on 2 different regions in an active-standby mode. The CCR has been enabled on one another so that any index that gets created on leader is replicated on the follower and vice versa.

What we would like to achieve is:

  1. if an index(as a whole) is dropped on the leader, that needs to be dropped on the follower as well(this is not happening currently)
  2. If the follower, is promoted, then let the follower have full control of the replicated index(currently its read-only) to allow additional, updates and deletes, then sync it back to the leader once its active.

One Additional note, we have a data retention policy, so all data / indices that are > 'X' days old needs to be cleared off. The 'X' can vary from days to couple of months. Our challenge here is that we are able to delete the index in leader, but CCR doesn't replicate the same over to follower.

Are these feasible to be done in elasticsearch? Is there any alternatives that I would need to consider here?

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