Active Alerts Showing for Unenrolled Agents

We are using Elastic Cloud 8.11.0. I have active alerts showing for agents which have been unenrolled from Fleet and are showing in Fleet as unenrolled. How can I remove these alerts?

Hi @DougR ,

Could you tell us which rule are you using that has active alerts?

It's a metric threshold alert where the user who configured the alert checked the "alert when no data reported" option. The hosts are decommissioned and have been unenrolled, and one alert has now been open for > 5000 hours.

From 8.11, it is possible to "untrack" alerts that are no longer relevant (due to either rule is disabled or in this case as hosts are decommissioned). You can mark the alert as "untracked" from the Alerts table. Untracked alerts will be removed from the list of active alerts and moved to "Untracked".

and what happens is I enroll the same hostname in the future? will I get teh alerts from it?