How to remove no-data alert for removed host?

Hi all,

I have a metric threshold alert rule configured in Kibana that alerts me on high disk usage. This is grouped by host name. One host was removed and a no data alert was created. How can I get rid of this alert?

I'm running Elastic Stack Version 8.7.0.

Here's the alert rule

I already tried to delete the alert from .internal.alerts-observability.metrics.alerts-default-xxxxxx index but it gets recreated.

This is how the alert is shown. I deleted it from the index today but it got recreated right on next rule execution. You can see from "duration" that the host is long gone.

Hi @herrdommel ,

We added the possibility of untracking these types of alerts in 8.14.0; since you are using the 8.7.0 version, you can use one of the workarounds mentioned in this ticket.

Thanks for the fast response. I'll give it a try tomorrow :slight_smile:

8.14.0 is not yet release but the workaround is fine for now. Thanks!

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