Actual value in kibana

(bikram) #1

Hi team,
I have used collectd to collect the system metrics and have forwarded it to ES to kibana. But in kibana i would like to show the actual value rather having any aggregation like sum average max and min ? is there a way to do that ?

(Shaunak Kashyap) #2

You can see actual (un-aggregated) values in Kibana on the Discover page, in the form of a table. You can save a particular search done on the Discover page and add it to one or more dashboards.

(bikram) #3

Can you add the search query directly on the dashboard without visualizing it from discover page? I want to create the visualization with the actual value(int) then using aggregation(count,average,sum,min,max etc) which i have to have.

(system) #4