Possible to graph the actual value?

I have a need to graph the actual value. I'm retrieving open/close states for Home Automation so the value will only be a 1 or 0.

This issue was closed as not possible and not practical, however it does seem to be something that people are asking for and in my use case, the other choices.. ie: Average, Max, Min,etc are not practical.

Is this being considered for a future version or is there an existing workaround?

In order to support this, we'd have to add a new visualization type, different from what we have currently. Right now, all visualizations are coupled to Elasticsearch's aggregations, which doesn't provide actual document values, but the aggrigate data, which is why you can only use things like Average, Max, Min, etc.

You're right though, it's a pretty common ask. We have some plans to overhaul how visualize and dashboard work in Kibana, and providing document values as part of that is possible, but none of the specs for this have been laid out yet. Elasticsearch should be able to work well enough to provide the values directly though, via the search API, it's a matter of consuming and graphing the data that way.