Add a Calender to Dashboard

In some Kibana dashboard on the net, i see that 's possible to add a Calender to filter data by date.
However i didn't find this option in the last version of kibana ?

Have you considered adding a filter ? You can filter the search results to display only those documents that contain a particular value in a field. You can also create negative filters that exclude documents that contain the specified field value. Does this solve your problem ?


no, i don't just want to make a date filter . i want to made dynamivally and with an easy way to make a date filter by anyone.
i saw some dashboards with calendar but they look of old versions of kibana

You might want to try this...

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Cool ,But how to choice my time field with witch i want to work ?
I have two time fields
1)the default timestamp
2)another time field
i want to use the 2) in this calender

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