Calendar filter in Kibana


Is there any way to add date picker filter in kibana?


That's what the timepicker in the top right is for.

hi Mark,

Thanks for quick reply.
But I will be using these dashboards in my angular application and i want a calendar so that i can select date range.

You mean you are embedding the visualisations?

@warkolm, yes.

Can anyone suggest me how to do this? I have read somewhere that this filter will be a part of release 7.9.

I want to have this filter in my shared dashboard, so that user can change the date range.
But I found that its not possible right now. Can you please confirm?
I know that we can create plugins also. Shall I proceed in that direction?

I am really looking forward to your reply.


I#m not aware of an existing datetime picker beside the standard datetimepicker in a dashboard, as it was already mentioned.
I think, you have to look into creating a plugin then.

there are seperate datetimepicker for each visulization you can setup.
click edit on dashboard
click setting on visulization and pick "customize time range"

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