Not able to add links in data table to different dashboards


I am new to kibana. I need to create a table having 4 links in each row for different dashboards. But I can not find any suitable way to do that. Please help.


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You could do that with a markdown box relatively simply.


Can you provide me any reference link for this usecase?

Thanks!! is one place.


I checked the markdown box. I can now provide the links to different dashboards, but I am not getting how to link that with data-table.

My initial thought was to have a context-menu having different links in data-table. But i found that it's not possible right now. So I am looking for an alternative. Please suggest.


Can anyone suggest me how to achieve this basically I want a drill through functionality in a data table.

If I understand it right, this could be a help. For string fields in an index pattern, you can format them as URL, which makes this field a link eg. to another dashboard. I've added a screenshot with an example I am using.

This is specific to a cell right??
What I want when I go to the next dashboard, I should have the filters based on the selected row data applied on that dashboard.

Suppose I have a table with three columns - id, name and size. When i will select a row, then the data on the next dashboard should be based on the selected row's fields.

Yes, this is to a specific cell.
If you want to drilldown the way you describe, this functionality was introduced in version 7.8.

Thanks for your help @norgro2601.

Can you also help me with the calendar issue:

Thanks in advance!!

If the functionality coming with the "Share" options in a dashboard are not what you're looking for, I unfortunately have no other idea regarding your calendar issue.

I want to have this filter in my shared dashboard, so that user can change the date range.
But I found that its not possible right now. Can you please confirm?
I know that we can create plugins also. Shall I proceed in that direction?


This drill down will only take the selected cell as filter. I want that to take the entire row as filter. Is that possible?

as far as I know, this is not possible.

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