LInk from one Dashboard to another through one coloumn in a table

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Hi Elastic Techies,

Need help in stiching one coulumn of a dashboard in to another dashobord which has filter on top or else at least transfer the value to coloumn in table. Passing the timestamp as well. Any help would be great.

Thanks All.


Hey @alokpandeyrc,

Likely this is what you want, but it's not implemented yet.

The "hackish" workaround may be a dynamically crafted dashboard link in the markdown vis (since you can pass required dashboard filters via query string).


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Hi @azasypkin i acheived this with the help of field formatters as URL but i am stuck on how to pass timestamp from my current document to another dashboard.

In the URL time:(from:now-60d,mode:quick,to:now) , i want to pass timestamp whic is there in my Data Table.

I have seen guys suggesting to use scripted fileds but can you please give me more detail info regarding this.


Alok Pandey.


Hi @alokpandeyrc,

You can learn more about the date math supported by Painless, check out this .

And see some docs here and here.

Hope it helps.

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