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Is there an option to implement the following:
a user finds an interesting case in Dashboard #1, after filtering to a timeframe of 10 minutes , click on a link (markdown?) to drill down the case in dashboard 2, and dashboard 2 opens up, already filtered to the same 10 minutes.


Yes, just create a markdown visualization with the link and place it on the dashboard.

Carrying over the time range is already the default behavior if you are just linking to the saved object id in the URL (without the long tail of _a and _g).

E.g. If this is your markdown:

[The other dashboard](/app/kibana#/dashboard/1eac8b60-73e9-11ea-a885-a914feebe655)

then the time range configured in the top right will be carried over if the link is clicked.

To also carry over set filter pills, you have to pin them from the context menu before clicking the link:
Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 18.09.16

thanks a lot @flash1293


I did a small test:
created a new dashboad, added a tsvb with a time series group by server.
then created another dashboard: dashboard 2.
I added markdown to dashboard 1, with a link to dashboard 2.
the link works.

when adding a filter to dashboard 1: server:xx, and pin it (after that I saw the unpin label), and clicking the link as suggested, didn't persist it to dashboard 2.

then- I opened the dashboards list page, and went to dashboard 2 - the filter was there.
any suggestion?

I just tried this and it worked fine for me. Which version are you running on? Also make sure to just link to the dashboard id without all of the parameters in the url.
If this is your url


just link to


otherwise the pinned filters would get overridden by the URL.

Thats what I did. I'll double check

I had to add /s/SPACENAME/app/kibana
As i have spaces. I hope it doesn't break it

Ah, that's the problem. It won't work when switching between multiple spaces, just for within a single space. Unfortunately I can't think of a good workaround, I recommend putting all dashboards that are required for an investigation into a single space - switching between dashboards is also much faster that way.

No no, it should be a link to the same space

As long as you stay in the same space, this should work fine. What Kibana version and what browser are you using?

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