Trouble with filtered dashboard links

I'm using metricbeat to gather machine metrics across several servers.
I have a single generic 'server dashboard' and a Markdown Menu to flip between the servers using URLs generated in 'share'/'share a link'.
The issue I have is that after I click a link in the markdown menu the filter on the dashboard changes. However it does not take effect until I hit a .

The works as a workaround but is a bit rubbish.
Does anyone know of a way of doing this so that the screen refreshes when the link is clicked ?

Do you mean you hit fullstop?

That should be a "carriage return" :slight_smile:

What version are you on?
Are these saved (with the dashboard) filters?

version 5.0.0 alpha 4

No the filters are not saved with the dashboard. So I only have 1 dashboard saved. But pass filters in the URL.

I'm thinking of dropping this however as its so unwieldy.

Am I better to develop 1x dashboard with a filer on, save as JSON, and have shell script to make all the versions that I want (each with its own filter), and save them back into Kibana ? i.e. many versions of the same dashboard.