How to give dashboard filter as input to markdown

Hello, I want to automatically update the markdown query input from the filter given in dashboard.
what ever i give filter on that dashboard should be automatically given input to markdown so that i cant see the filter applied on dashboard i gave in markdown.


Hi @venkatesh_prasanth, unfortunately I don't think this is possible.

To my surprise, I also can't find a related feature request.
If you'd like, you could file one

Also please note, there is a way to create custom dashboard actions to navigate between dashboards and to preserver filters/queries in between navigations: Create custom dashboard actions | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic
But this method doesn't work for markdown :frowning:

yes thanks. I would glad if you bring in next update

I found a alternative I used TSVB -> Datatable in that i made list of host name -> panel settings i have mentioned to the dashboard to which it should go.

Note: Similar to TOP HOST BY CPU / TOP HOST BY MEMORY in metricbeat dashboard.

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