Markdown and query

is it possible to code query in markdown visualize ?
Actually, i'm coding url markdown to load a new dashboard, like this >>> [**Jobs**] (http://localhost:5601/app/kibana#/dashboard/AAABBBCCCZZZ)
it's correct but i would to execute a query in the actual dashboard. Is it possible and how please ?

Yea you can do this, the url isn't pretty though. Open your dashboard, type in the query you wish to execute, hit search, then copy the url and try using that. Would that work for you?

Thanks Stacey,
this solution goes well but it reloads completely the dashboard. And it's too long.
I'd prefered simplely a filter execution.
Am i clear ?

I'm not sure I follow. I don't think you could avoid reloading the dashboard completely if you are navigating to a new dashboard. Or do you just want to apply a query to the current dashboard? Even so, all the visualizations will reload.

Perhaps Input Controls offers what you need? It offers an easy way to add filters to a dashboard.

yes of course, i'm trying "input controls" + copy url + insert into Markdown.
The goal is to present a simple menu for the users.

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