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In Kibana 5.2, I have tried to use the Markdown widget/visualization to include a url to a dashboard. However, when I try to include a query string in the url the dashboard is still displayed without the query filter.

here is my markdown contents.

This is a test

The issue seems that the query param from this URL is being appended with "&,g_..." part that includes another query_string with wildcard in it.

Is there no-way to override the query string into the url in my markdown widget?

btw, I escaped the query string's parenthesis to overcome the markdown limitation mentioned in other threads.

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Hi Sri, it looks like your markdown didn't paste correctly. Could you try sharing it again, but enclose inside of triple backticks? Like this:

[url example](your/url?goes=here)


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Hi CJ,

Hope this works better.

This is [alink]( /kibana/app/kibana#/dashboard/2a7b7060-a3cf-11e7-9429-855a0ebac786?query:%28query_string:%28analyze_wildcard:!t,query:'test'%29%29)

And when I click on this link, my browser shows this url. Notice the multiple "query" sections, including the 2nd with wildcard "*".



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Thanks, Sri! I understand the problem you're experiencing. However, I just tried to reproduce it using the following steps and wasn't able to do so:

  1. In a dashboard, click the "Share" link in the top right.
  2. Under "Share Snapshot > Link" (on the right side of the panel), I clicked the "Copy" link.
  3. I did a find/replace for the parentheses to escape them the same way you did.
  4. I then added a markdown link the same way you did.

When I clicked on the link, the dashboard opened up without any problems. Could you try creating your link the same way I did, using the "Share" menu, and let me know if this solves your problem? If not, could you tell me which version of Kibana you're using?


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Thanks CJ,

It works using your steps.

The full url is very long when I copied to the markdown & also has the name of the dashboard (which could change in future, for example). So, I was trying to find a way to only include the query parameter in the markdown & led to the problem I faced. Infact, originally I tried to append the query string to the short-url that I got from the "Share" menu off the dashboard (i.e /kibana/goto/d7265500ebeabba7f6f2b51a6a3a6fad)

btw, I mentioned Kibana 5.2 - is that is the version you are asking about?

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Oh, sorry I didn't notice the Kibana version you mentioned originally. I'm glad this fixes your problem!


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btw, just to confirm - there is no other (better) way to include a query string into the markdown URL? Like the dashboard name, I'm afraid other parts of the url could change and break my links unexpectedly.

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Quick update: This variant of the "shortened" url also seem to work and addresses my concerns. Its essentially an empty "_g" and an "_a" with only the query string.


Not sure if this will cause problems later, but I may use this unless I hear advise to the contrary :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing the update, Sri! I think that's probably the best solution.

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