Problem with embed dashboards when using markdown links

I am using kibana 7.9.2. I made a dashboard and I used markdown visualization for making a tab. Tab links another dashboards. Here is the markdown :

[Overview](#dashboard/79de3590-b2a3-11e9-ac48-859d1fb44fa3) | [Details](#dashboard/64eb0760-aecb-11ea-a2b9-99d3f9b5b337)

I am using this dashboard in a iframe as embed. I share the dashboard from kibana like this:

But when I click the markdown filter bar is came back and time filter has gone.
How can I fix this? Please help.

Thank you.

The information whether time filter and filter bar are shown is part of the URL - by linking to another dashboard, this information gets removed from the URL and Kibana falls back to the default behavior. To make it work, you can try adding the parameters to the link in the markdown as well. You can check how they look like in the generated iframe code (I think it's something like ?show-time-filter=true

Thanks for your answering @flash1293.
I tried this and it doesn’t work, time filter is not shown. Like this:

[Overview](#dashboard/79de3590-b2a3-11e9-ac48-859d1fb44fa3?show-time-filter=true) | [Details](#dashboard/64eb0760-aecb-11ea-a2b9-99d3f9b5b337?show-time-filter=true)

What am I doing wrong?

Hey, I tested and you need to add embed=true as well.

This is what worked for me:
[To other dashboard](#/view/c7868fe0-1378-11eb-a80d-2d265918ac28?embed=true&show-time-filter=true&hide-filter-bar=true)

Be aware though that this will also affect how the link works when you are using the dashboard in non-embedded mode directly in Kibana. it seems like it's triggering buggy behavior there in the current version.

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