Markdown link to a secondary dashboard is not time persistent

Hi Folks,

I have a primary dashboard that uses a markdown visualization that links to a secondary dashboard , while the page opens just fine. The time values from the primary dashboard are not carried over to the secondary dashboard

I had tried a few methods to resolve it , all three below attempts resulted in the same manner where the time frame from the primary dashboard failed to carry over to the secondary

I'm using kibana-8.6.2 , Could you help on how to fix this ?

Attempt #1 >  [Flag details](/app/dashboards#/view/2b332290-ba68-11ed-8f2e-79e62d15b4e2)
Attempt #2 > [Flag details](#/view/2b332290-ba68-11ed-8f2e-79e62d15b4e2)
Attempt #3 >  [Flag details](#/dashboard/2b332290-ba68-11ed-8f2e-79e62d15b4e2)

Also the dashboards DO NOT use the ECS setting , i had disabled it (haven't changed this part) .. Any chance this would have an effect mentioned above ?

Updating this thread , seems ECS is not related .. The issue is only present when enabled "Open in New tab" in the markdown ..

For now I have made the dashboards to open in the same tab,which works. . My dashboards have anonymous access and opening them in new tab is resetting all the filters and time range,is there a way to fix it ?.

Hi @Shreesh_Narayanan. I have found an open enhancement request for this. In the meantime, you may also see if you can use Dashboard drilldowns instead of Markdown links.

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