Time filter not getting persisted across dashboard navigation in ELK 7.10.2

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I upgraded to v7.10.2 and I am still facing this issue. Can someone please tell me if this is an outstanding bug? Should I put the suggested workaround in place?


Hi, according to the topic that you linked to, the dashboard links in your Markdown visualization needs to be updated to a new format.

Old format: /app/kibana#/dashboard/79ffd6e0-faa0-11e6-947f-177f697178b8-ecs
New format: /app/kibana#/view/79ffd6e0-faa0-11e6-947f-177f697178b8-ecs


In the previous thread, I was told that the new format was a workaround for an outstanding bug which got fixed in v 7.10 but it still seems to be an issue.

Will the old format no longer work? Is this a breaking change that was introduced?


I am facing another issue. The new format doesn't work for markdown visualizations.

Link used: #/view/d9430e50-f692-11ea-8ca9-8908a9621406

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