Time filter resets to 15min in dashboard links


I am using markdown viz in Kibana to link my dashboards. I would expect that the time range selected in the first dashboard will get passed down to the next one. But this isn't happening. Every time I click on a link, it goes back to the default time range of 15 minutes. I am using ELK v7.10.2

Is there a way I can persist my time range across dashboards?

Link used: #/view/d9430e50-f692-11ea-8ca9-8908a9621406


URL Drilldowns
However, seems like markdown is not supported yet. :man_shrugging:t2:

And this discussion

Hope it helps!

Okay, but I am not using drilldowns. I am simply using the markdown visualizations on the dashboard. Are they not supported either?

Here, they said that the format for urls has been changed but it didn't work for me.

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