Time filter not getting persisted across dashboard navigation


I am using markdown viz in Kibana to link my dashboards. I would expect that the time range selected in the first dashboard will get passed down to the next one. But this isn't happening. Everytime I click on a link, it goes back to the default time range of 15 minutes.

Is there a way I can persist my time range across dashboards?


I click on the markdown link

And the time range changes to 15 min from 1 hour on the destination dashboard

The link in my markdown: ../app/kibana#/dashboard/79ffd6e0-faa0-11e6-947f-177f697178b8-ecs

Hey, this definitely shouldn't happen. Which version of Kibana are you using? Also, make sure the second dashboard is not saved with time range (this is an option in the save dialog of the dashboard) - if that's the case resetting the time range on navigation is the expected behavior.


Thanks for your quick response. The destination dashboard in not saved with time. My Kibana version is 7.9.1.

Also, this used to work in version 7.6.2 which is what I was using earlier.


Thanks, that's helpful.

This is a known bug caused by this problem: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/68236

You should be able to work around it though by replacing your link with #/view/79ffd6e0-faa0-11e6-947f-177f697178b8-ecs. The dashboard URLs changed recently - the old ones are still forwarded but doing so is causing a page-load which causes Kibana to "forget" the current time range. By using the new URL format, no page load is happening and the time range should be preserved in the navigation

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Can you please tell me in which version of Kibana this bug is fixed? I can try to upgrade.

And the workaround is giving me the following error:

Am I missing something?

Link used: (#/view/79ffd6e0-faa0-11e6-947f-177f697178b8-ecs)

I didn't check, but AFAIK 7.10 doesn't have this problem anymore.

The workaround only works in the dashboard app - edit the visualization, save it, then go back to dashboard and test there. The screenshot you posted indicates you tried to do this from within the Visualization editor.

Thanks a lot for your help! It works. :smiley:

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