Jumping between dashboards via markdown (preserve filters)

Hello community,

I have a question regarding jumping between dashboards via the markdown widget. I created lots of nice dashboards for our company in kibana, and on every dashboards I have the same navigation markdown widget, which links to al other dashboards. This works great, with just 1 annoying side affect:

When I change the default time frame, or have sticky filters enabled,those are lost when I jump from one dashboard to another dashboard.

As an example: I have 5 dashboards for my firewall: traffic, app-ctrl, ips, antivirus, webfilter, when I'm on the traffic dashboard I notice lots of blocked traffic for a certain ip address, I select this ip address as a filter, I make it "sticky", when I then click on my link to the app-ctrl dashboard my filter is lost. The same happens when for example, I start checking logs on monday morning, I select the correct timeframe, every time I click on another dashboard it reverts to the default time frame.

At the other hand, when I click on the open dash board button, the filters and time frame are preserved, but this is not very user friendly

Did someone find another way to get this done via the markdown widget?

Thanks in advance,


Its not currently possible to have pinned filters stick when using links. The work around you are using works and is the expected behavior for pinned filters to work across dashboards, i.e. to open dashboards using the link in the upper right hand corner. When you click on a link, you are modifying the global state, which causes the filters, etc. to be removed. If you feel this is a feature that should be added, you can always file a feature request issue here.


Thanks for your reply, I do think this feature should be added, don't you think?

Without this, my navigation markdown widget is rather useless.

I will file the feature request.