Howto switch dashboards keeping the very same filter settings (aka grammar of markdown link filter)

Hello everybody,
(Even this question might sound like a duplicate to Markdown link with current filter - Elastic Stack / Kibana - Discuss the Elastic Stack )

But the proposed solution of that post is not working for my application.

My Requirement:

  • The user sets some filters
  • wants to view the data on another dashboard
  • KEEPING the very same filter settings (Best: he is NOT forced to manually pin the filters)

So, I've created a set of markdown links (as documented), like:

[Detailled:: Memory & Scheduling](#/dashboard/f4f576f0-a510-11ec-a840-b7d189ae967a) 

[Detailled:: Scheduling & Periodicity](#/dashboard/0e7d7040-301d-11ed-a042-e36ff76df75b)

[Detailled:: Memory Component ](#/dashboard/b3d83140-0f4a-11ed-86da-199129e39ae7)

But the result on clicking to such a hyperlink is, that ALL filter settings - even the selected time range is lost (the time range gets reset to view "last 15 minutes")

How can the filter-context be preserved?

Hint (according to the mentioned post): Our Dashboards live within a subspace - like


Therefore I've also tried to avoid the "switch of subspace" - using a link like


But also this did not lead to the desired result of keeping the context - but reproduced the verysame ugly filter-context-drop...

Is there some workaround to manually copy the context via the "?_g" rison mechanism?
If yes - what variable would be required?
All the posts I've seen want to remove the filter - But I want to keep the very same filter setting.

Thanks in Advance,

So you want to navigate from a dashboard A on a space A to a dahsboard B that lives on another dashboard, right?

I am afraid that moving from one space to another won't keep the time or the filters. Moving from one dashboard to another dashboard in the same space will keep the time and the pinned filters.

I know that the team want to work on a dashboard to dahsboard navigation component that will make the transition much more powerful and flexible. cc @devon.thomson

@Stratoula_Kalafateli, we do have that on the roadmap indeed, but it isn't prioritized quite yet.

As a workaround, you could navigate only to dashboards in the same space, and you could also use the filters:pinnedByDefault advanced setting to ensure that users don't need to manually pin filters to have them come along over navigation

I want to navigate from a dashboard A in space A to a dashboard B in space A. - So I don't want to change the space. And yes - I've read the documentation about, that if the space is not changed, the filters should be preseverved.

But I was afraid, that the link resolution would drop the space information - therefore I was struggling with the different link types:

[link type 1](#/dashboard/d70de670-6bd2-11ed-ac1c-85fbf102dc23)

[link type 2](/kibana/s/systemtest/app/dashboards#/view/d70de670-6bd2-11ed-ac1c-85fbf102dc23)

But none of the two link types lead to the desired behavior.
Q: Is the feature "don't drop the filter w.r.t. spaces" only working for the "global" space?

In that case it will keep the time range and the pinned filters (not the filters if they are not pinned unfortunately)

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