Naviagte Dashboards using parameters


I know it is possible to navigate from 1 dashboard to another using fixed parameters, through the use of a markdown widget. This is explained in the link below.

However, I am looking to know if it is possible to pass any parameters such as a filter or time period into a url and for that dashboard to display data corresponding to the parameters in the URL.

Yes, if you add a query in the query bar on a dashboard and then look at the url you can see that query;

In this case I used in the query bar and you can see that near the very end of this url;'',filters:!(),fullScreenMode:!f,options:(darkTheme:!f,useMargins:!f),panels:!((gridData:(h:1,i:'9',w:12,x:0,y:0),id:System-Navigation,panelIndex:'9',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(embeddableConfig:(vis:(defaultColors:('0%20-%20100':'rgb(0,104,55)'))),gridData:(h:2,i:'11',w:2,x:0,y:1),id:c6f2ffd0-4d17-11e7-a196-69b9a7a020a9,panelIndex:'11',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(embeddableConfig:(vis:(defaultColors:('0%20-%20100':'rgb(0,104,55)'))),gridData:(h:5,i:'12',w:6,x:6,y:3),id:fe064790-1b1f-11e7-bec4-a5e9ec5cab8b,panelIndex:'12',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(gridData:(h:5,i:'13',w:6,x:0,y:3),id:'855899e0-1b1c-11e7-b09e-037021c4f8df',panelIndex:'13',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(embeddableConfig:(vis:(defaultColors:('0%25%20-%2015%25':'rgb(247,252,245)','15%25%20-%2030%25':'rgb(199,233,192)','30%25%20-%2045%25':'rgb(116,196,118)','45%25%20-%2060%25':'rgb(35,139,69)'))),gridData:(h:6,i:'14',w:12,x:0,y:8),id:'7cdb1330-4d1a-11e7-a196-69b9a7a020a9',panelIndex:'14',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(embeddableConfig:(vis:(defaultColors:('0%20-%20100':'rgb(0,104,55)'))),gridData:(h:2,i:'16',w:2,x:8,y:1),id:'522ee670-1b92-11e7-bec4-a5e9ec5cab8b',panelIndex:'16',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(gridData:(h:2,i:'17',w:2,x:10,y:1),id:'1aae9140-1b93-11e7-8ada-3df93aab833e',panelIndex:'17',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(gridData:(h:2,i:'18',w:2,x:6,y:1),id:'825fdb80-4d1d-11e7-b5f2-2b7c1895bf32',panelIndex:'18',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(gridData:(h:2,i:'19',w:2,x:4,y:1),id:d3166e80-1b91-11e7-bec4-a5e9ec5cab8b,panelIndex:'19',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(gridData:(h:2,i:'20',w:2,x:2,y:1),id:'83e12df0-1b91-11e7-bec4-a5e9ec5cab8b',panelIndex:'20',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT'),(gridData:(h:3,i:'21',w:6,x:0,y:14),id:'875061f0-02ad-11e8-aace-9393ff2322c9',panelIndex:'21',type:visualization,version:'6.2.0-SNAPSHOT')),query:(language:lucene,query:''),timeRestore:!f,title:'1%20%5BMetricbeat%20System%5D%20Overview',viewMode:view)

BUT, I think you might not be able to do this if you have users using Internet Explorer browser because in that case you probably also had to set the Advanced Setting state:storeInSessionStorage to true because IE doesn't support long URLs.

Yes, I understand that the URL will update with whatever filter or time period is selected.

I will try to explain it better.

I have dashboard1.
On this dashboard I have a markdown widget with a link to dashboard2.
I have copied the dashboard 2 URL and put it into the markdown widget so that dashboard2 will display when the link is clicked.

However, when this link is clicked the same dashboard will always display with the same filters and time periods etc as this data is included within the URL.

Is it possible for dashboard2 to display data using the same filters as dashboard1.

So basically my desire is that, dashboard2 will always be different, depending how dahsboard1 is filtered.

For example, I am on dashboard1 and I have a filter on, displaying X data. When I click the link to go to dashboard2, dashboard2 will be shown, displaying X data.

It would be something along the lines of including a wildcard in the URL so that the dashboard will render, depending on the values in the URL.

I hope this is clear to understand.

I think you could save dashboard2 without any filters. And use that link in your markdown.

Then when you're on dashboard1 and do filter on X data, pin those filters so that they stay in place when you switch to dashboard2.

Does that work?

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