Kibana dashboard to dashboard drill down with inherited filters and data from current dashboard

I have two kibana 7.8 dashboard call A and B.

I made a markdown visualization with hyper link to dashboard "B".

And I load the markdown on dashboard "A".

Now I want to navigate to the dashboard "A" to "B" through this markdown link.

But the link is static. I want to take the date range and filters applied by user while navigate from dashboard "A" to "B".

Following is the link to navigate with static values.


How can i parameterize following two block to take current value set by user, from dashboard "A"?

time:(from: now-24h ,to: now )

(host_label.keyword: 'Mail%20Server' )

Hi @sugunan,

Dashboard to dashboard drill down is not available at the moment, but you can use pin filters on dashboard A and they will be applied on dashboard B automatically. For data range you can also set a filter for related field (like timestamp) and pin it.

Update: actually with 7.8 you should be able to create a drill down action and carry over filters and time to other dashboard

Regards, Dzmitry

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