How to link current filter user used in controls with markdown?

Hi folks,
I am using controls in kibana so that user could get a drop-down and select filter he/she wants. What I am trying to achieve is to create the main dashboard and have markdowns to sub dashboards. But the issue I am facing right now is that the filter is not being carried forward from my main dashboard.

I tried referring to this but did not work. Can someone help me I want to ensure that these filters carry on to other dashboards which the user navigates

Kibana version 7.15.1

How I am trying to access the sub dashboard :

##### Use Below dashboard for detailed visualisation 

Have you seen dashboard drilldowns? Markdown visualization is not supported but maybe you could solve your use case with drilldowns from other panels in your dashboard.

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Yes, I have used drill-downs right now but I wanted a similar feature for markdown as well. Drill down is specific to a single panel I believe I wanted different sub dashboards so used could move and filters would be carried forward.

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