Pass filter to dashboard URL in Markdown Menu?

(Mick Mahoney) #1


I have a Markdown Menu with which I use to navigate between dashboards.

Example of menu URL:


Anyone know of how I can pass a filter to that dashboard as part of the Markdown
I know the filter gets passed in URL (Im using Kibana 5.0.0-alpha2) as &_a - I've extracted an example below - but I'm not sure if/how I can append this to my Markdown URL



Naviagte Dashboards using parameters
(Tyler Smalley) #2

If you apply the filter to the dashboard, click "Share", copy the URL and place it in the Markdown. Does that accomplish what you're looking to do?


(Mick Mahoney) #3

Perfect - many thanks :slight_smile:

(Mick Mahoney) #4

I've found that sometimes the brackets in the URLs get parsed incorrectly - resulting in malformed links.

Its best to replace ( with %28, and ) with %29 in the URL before using it in the Markdown link



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