Is it possible to make the custom dashboard links use current dashboard time along with the applied filters?


I used URL formatting option on some of my index pattern fields. These URLs basically redirect me to a different dedicated dashboard when clicked.

The dashboard redirection is working very well where the clicked value is applied as a filter on my redirected dashboard, but what I would like to achieve is also automatically apply the current dashboard's time filters on the redirected dashboards. Can I please know how this can be achieved?

Why I cant use Kibana Drilldown:
1.In my main dashboard I would like to use only a saved search and unfortunately saved search doesn't have drilldown option.
2. I want my different fields to redirect to different dashboards which is not possible with a single drilldown..

I do understand your use case, but sadly there's no way to inject global filter values into a formatted link. There's an enhancement request, would that cover your use case?
You could add your use case there.


Yes! this request is mentioning it. Thanks for the confirmation :grinning:

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