Invoke a dashboard with the current query

Hi, I am saving links to other dashboards in a Markdown visualization and I would like
the linked dashboard to pick up the current query string.
Is it possible to pass the current query string in the url to a dashboard ?

The lucene query is included in the dashboard URL. You could hard code lucene query strings into the Markdown visualizations, but there is no way to have a link in a Markdown visualization that dynamically includes the current query. Can your query be expressed as pinned filters? Pinned filters will persist across dashboards.

There is an open enhancement ticket for this functionality,

Thanks, this covers parts of my need - for simple selections, but I can not see how more complex logical expressions can be done here. I could solve specific needs by making programmable fields for categories.
So a pinable Query field then and pinable inheritable index(see another post) also like time selection today is on my wishlist for a more genericly consistent user experience.
Anyhow I love the power of what I already have :slight_smile:

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