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i have a simple question :
is it possible to generate link on an image.png in markdown ?

in the example bellow, i have a markdown view, "MyBox", containing 3 images "Try1" (file.png), "Try2" and "Try3".
i would to click on "Try1" to load a new dashboard (or view).
How can i do that in markdown view ?


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Hey @RickT
You can achive this using the following Markdown command

[![alt text](image_URL "Tooltip Text")](Dashboard URL)

Replace the image_URL with the url for your image, and tool tip text is the text that you see when you hover over the image. Dashboard URL is the link to your dashboard.

I hope it helps
Regards :tiger:


Thank you Suhas !
it's working fully :grinning::+1:
in complement, in place of Dashboard URL, is it possible to code a filter on the current dashboard (without reload a new dashboard) ? It would certainly be faster ! isn't it ?...

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Hi @RickT

Yes, It is possible add a filter and copy the URL and paste it in the place of Dashboard URL and delete the filter add another filter which is required and repeat the above process. By this you will not have to create different dashoards with different filters, you can use the same dashbaord.


Hi @Suhas_K
Yes, of course, but it will reload the dashboard completely (fiew seconds...).
And it's really different about set a simple filter which permit a quick refresh of dashboard. Too bad ! :disappointed_relieved:
Thanks again !

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Try adding all the filters at the top of the of the dashboard by using the Add filter option. You can enable only the required filter (this could be done instead of having the buttons). This will not reload the entire page.

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