Rerunning markdown in intervals

Hi everyone,
So I've been trying to get Kibana to load up images on dashboard right now.
What I did is basically create a python api for Markdown in Kibana to get url to image to put on dashboard.
Anyways, what happen is that I would like to show the latest image only.
The API will always return the latest image but Kibana Dashboard Markdown does not refresh that at interval with the same time as filter. So the image does not change
Unless I manually refresh the dashboard page, the Markdown in Kibana Dashboard does not automatically refresh itself.
Is there a way to bypass this the manual refresh or is this a set behavior.

So my solutions was this.
The issue is that url is static although the content is not.
So i change my image server to take in additional parameter in the url path that won't be used.
Then I switch that markdown to be in Kibana Canvas, this way we can inject some data into markdown periodically and I extend the markdown url path to have whatever log id (also added via logstash) in the url.
This way, as long as the logs are coming, the markdown will be rerendered every or so interval.

It's a bit hacky and require slight changes to the image api.

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